Greeting of the owner chef

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We serve our customers traditional Japanese style meals in courses using a variety of delicacies from the Yorishima region.

You can enjoy fresh fish that arrives at Yorishima Wharf, one of the best wharfs in the Seto Inland Sea. You can also enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits harvested in the nearby areas of Okayama and Kurashiki and a variety of serving ideas which vary by season. Japanese Cuisine is based on all artistic elements, and you can enjoy the food while feeling Japanese culture.

Please enjoy the “Delicacies” of GINZA style.


Owner chef:Hachiro Yamamoto

In the early Showa Period, Shigeo Yamamoto was trained at the renowned Japanese-style restaurant, Tsuruya, in Imabashi, Osaka.

After returning to Okayama in 1936, Shigeo opened a Japanese-style restaurant in the former Shinsaidaiji-cho area, Okayama, behind the west side of Yasuda Bank. Mr. Takeru Inukai (the third son of Tsuyoshi Inukai, former Prime Minister) named the restaurant GINZA.

In the following years, the restaurant was always busy with many guests, including the first director of Sakakibara Hospital and the famous author Kan Kikuchi.

We had to leave Okayama after large air raids devastated the nearby area in June, 1945. In 1951, we made a fresh start and re-opened the restaurant in the former Yorishima-cho, Asakuchi.

Since the start of new restaurant, we have adhered the cultural cuisine of Okayama, in particular fresh fish, dishes and arrangements.

I am the third generation owner chef. I was certified by the 29th master of the Ikama School of Shiki Hocho in Kyoto. Our restaurant is the only certified restaurant in Okayama.



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